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We Will Assist You in Connecting with Our Kentucky Medical Marijuana Physicians

Mar 18

As the medicinal advantages of marijuana become increasingly acknowledged, an increasing number of states have begun to authorize the use of medical marijuana. Medical marijuana was allowed in Kentucky, and its popularity has risen steadily since then. Yet, in Kentucky, it might be difficult to locate a qualified and registered medical marijuana doctor. That's where 420ID comes in; we can help you connect with our Kentucky medical marijuana physicians.

Who Are You?

420ID is a respected medical marijuana evaluation organization that operates in a number of states in the United States. Our objective is to help patients acquire access to medical marijuana treatments by linking them with licensed and trained physicians. We recognize the significance of high-quality treatment and the advantages that medicinal marijuana may provide for people in need. We are committed to making the process of obtaining certification as a medical marijuana patient as simple and streamlined as possible.

Our Process

At 420ID, we have expedited the process of obtaining a Kentucky medical marijuana card. Our team of certified and experienced medical marijuana specialists is prepared to examine and empower people who qualify for medicinal marijuana treatment. Our procedure is as follows:

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling with 420ID is a simple and quick process. Patients can submit a form online with their personal information and desired appointment day and time. Afterward, one of our employees will contact the patient to confirm the scheduled appointment and offer any pertinent information. To suit our patients' hectic schedules, we provide flexible scheduling choices. Our team is always accessible to answer questions and offer assistance throughout the booking process.

Medical Evaluation

Throughout the medical assessment procedure, one of our registered medical marijuana physicians will evaluate the patient's medical history, current symptoms, and any drugs they may be taking. The goal of the examination is to establish if the patient is eligible for medical marijuana therapy under Kentucky state law. Our physicians have extensive expertise and experience in the field of medicinal marijuana and can give significant insight into the possible advantages and dangers of utilizing medical marijuana as a therapeutic option. The assessment procedure is sensitive and nonjudgmental, and our physicians are dedicated to providing the greatest standard of treatment to our patients.


If our registered medical marijuana doctor finds that the patient meets the requirements for medicinal marijuana therapy, they will issue a certification. The certification serves as evidence that the patient has been reviewed by a licensed physician and satisfies the state's standards for medical marijuana therapy. Certification is necessary in order to apply for a medicinal marijuana card from the Kentucky Department of Public Health. Our medical marijuana physicians are familiar with the state's rules and regulations, and they will guarantee that patients acquire the proper certification to apply for a medical marijuana card. At 420ID, we place a premium on patient privacy and confidentiality, and we take every precaution to safeguard our patient's personal and medical information.

Request a Medical Cannabis Card

You may apply for a medical marijuana card with the Kentucky Department of Public Health after receiving certification from one of our medical marijuana doctors. Our agents will assist you in completing your application and presenting it to the proper authorities.

Why Choose a 420ID?

At 420ID, we recognize the significance of great treatment and the advantages medical marijuana may provide for people in need. Hence, we provide:

  • Doctors of medicinal marijuana who are qualified and experienced
  • The expedited and effective certification procedure
  • Help with the medicinal marijuana card application
  • Customer care that is both compassionate and informed


If you are searching for a qualified and licensed marijuana doctor in Kentucky, go no further than 420ID. Our team of knowledgeable medical marijuana experts is committed to assisting patients in gaining access to medical marijuana treatment. Call us now to make an appointment and get started on the path to a better quality of life with medicinal marijuana.


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10646 Baptist Church Rd, St. Louis, MO 63128, United States

(800) 478-1984)

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