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Jan 14

The data collection phase is a vital part of every market research procedure, and the initial stages get handled carefully to make the data collection work well. At Slice MR, Quantitative Research Providers, we have the right staff with the skills and expertise to deliver excellent service, guiding you throughout the process. The B2B Panel Company staff includes project managers in charge of the projects and are readily available persons to respond to your queries. Also, we have protocols and procedures that enable you to get the desired results without hiccups. Also, we work with you closely to capture your goals and objectives, which we execute effectively. 

We offer several results.

After the data collection phase, we move to the data processing part, where we validate and clean the collected data to get quality data. The different Online Survey Panel Companies result in we provide come from raw data files in SPSS or Excel to ready PowerPoint analysis presentations. We are using our skilled statisticians and data processing teams, who are veterans in the field and understand the entire reporting process from a researcher’s lens. 

We offer short turnaround times.

At Slice MR, we work with you closely to deliver quality work within a short turnaround time that meets your needs. Every bit of the research process gets handled expertly to ensure that no single part is left untouched or with hitches that can affect the entire research process. We are accurate and deliver the required results within the project time frame and budget making us a perfect partner for your research projects. 

We provide advanced statistical analysis.

The proper data analysis is a critical point of the entire research process since it aids in cleaning and validating the collected information. The collected Quality Research Sample gets analyzed by expert statisticians who work hand in hand with you to meet your research objectives. Some of the advanced statistical analysis options we offer include TURF analysis, regressions, conjoint and MaxDiff techniques which are very popular analysis techniques. Additionally, the data gets formalized into key findings research reports that we present in PowerPoint and Word. 

We offer reward processing.

At Slice MR, we can create paid surveys amongst the audience we have at our disposal due to our platform. We offer a Premium Data Collection rewarding process that is built-in while sampling our panel. We process the reward incentives for survey respondents with Amazon gift cards being the primary preference. Call us today for a reliable market research service. 

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