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How to Get and Buy Quality Backlinks

Jan 13

If you are here it is because you want to get quality links for your website. Now, there are many ways to get quality links, which one are you looking for? Do you want to buy quality links or do you want to get quality links organically?

Either because you are looking for how to buy links or if you want to get them organically, in this article I will help you get both types of links.

You can spend many hours creating great content, but if you don't get quality links, then it will be very difficult for you to rank.

I will also help you to know what is a quality link and what is a poor quality link.

I have seen how many companies have spent a lot of time and money getting links that were not of great quality, and they have seen how their positioning has not been positively affected.

First we will see what a backlinks or link is and what we must know to understand when a backlinks or link can benefit or harm us. I will also tell you what makes a quality link or backlink, what you should keep in mind.

In the case in which you want to buy links, I will tell you what the risks are and what can happen so that you know at all times what you can lose.

Later I will tell you with an example how you can know if it is worth investing time or money in getting a link. For this I will tell you how to know if the site where you want to get the link is worth it or not. I will teach you how to do it with paid tools or for free.

Once you know how to know if a link is of quality or not, I will tell you about many positioning strategies that I use and that work for me so that you can get quality and organic links.

Of course, later I will tell you how you can buy links, if this is the path you want to take. You will see the best platforms to buy them and above all, and very importantly, what rules you must follow to prevent Google from detecting that you are buying links as much as possible.

You will not find a larger list of platforms to buy links or press releases like the one you will see below. Use these platforms to find the best opportunities for your brand or website. Now you have no excuse for not getting links in the best media and at the best price.

But before we start, should we buy or naturally get quality links?

You're probably wondering, but come on, don't they say that buying links is against Google's regulations? Don't they say that you have to get the links naturally?

Well yes, indeed, links should not be bought, or if they are bought they should be set as "rel=sponsored" so that Google does not pass reputation through those links.

As you should know, buying links goes against Google's guidelines, so if Google detects that you are buying links, it can penalize your web page and you will lose the positioning you have.

Now, if it is true that in many SEO strategies and techniques that generate quality links, there are times when you have to put money on the table to get a link. For example, many press releases require prior investment in advertising in order to be published; on the other hand, the strategy of sending an article to a blogger to test it and write about it also implies a non-direct payment, but it does Gift. As you can see, in some very common strategies for obtaining backlinks, payments are made to obtain them. What’s more, if you don’t check your obtained backlinks continuously, they may be deleted and you’ll lose them and your spent money.

That’s why you can use the best backlink tracking software, Links Guardian, you have complete control over your backlinks.

In this article I will give you a brief introduction to obtaining links naturally, but I will focus above all on buying quality backlinks, listing the best platforms for it.