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Should you join the BNI?

Nov 29

If you are a business professional who is looking to increase your network opportunities, BNI may be the ideal fit for you. BNI is an association of business owners and professionals who meet regularly to exchange information and network. If you are in a service-based profession, BNI can be an excellent way to connect with other professionals in your area. BNI is not an ideal option for eCommerce businesses, restaurants, and retail stores. If you're unsure if BNI is the best option for you, read the following information to find out more about how professionals can benefit from this group.

What kinds of businesses are profitable in BNI?

Lawyers, realtors and accountants, and marketers are just some of the fields which typically perform well in BNI. They offer services other businesses can use and often have an abundance of potential clients to draw from. If you are working in one of these fields, BNI can be a fantastic way to meet other professionals in your area and build long-lasting business relationships.•

What kinds of businesses are not suitable for BNI?

BNI isn't the best spot for online-based businesses, restaurants, or businesses that have retail shops. They are transactional businesses and don't offer any of the services other businesses could use. It may be wise to steer clear of BNI if you work in these fields and focus on other opportunities for networking.

How do you make the most of BNI?

There are some actions you can take to make the most of your membership with BNI. The first is to attend every meeting and come prepared to connect with other members. Also, make sure you actively participate in meetings and share (don't offer to sell) your services with other members. Make sure to follow up on any leads or referrals you get from BNI. This is the best way to get the most out of your membership and establish long-lasting business relationships. These are only a few of the essentials.

Visit other BNI Groups

BNI members, it is encouraged to visit other chapters of BNI. There are hundreds of potential referral sources available from other organizations within Illinois. You'll have their contact information via your BNI portal, allowing you to contact them by phone, email, or text. The best thing about BNI is that each potential referral source is open to networking regardless of whether they are in a different group. BNI members are so accommodating. Because everyone believes in the BNI's mission.

BNI's Motto: Giver's Gain!


Make a New Circle of Strong Friends

Many people don't have an entrepreneurial family. In fact, many friends won't share your interest when it comes to establishing businesses because they're struggling with fear.

In BNI, you will meet individuals who have been working for many years. You may even make a friend who becomes a mentor. In my case, I changed accounts and began working with the BNI accountant within my group. It's so nice to talk about taxes, depreciation, employees, marketing, and office drama. All of this can be done in a lunch, and it will be written off in your tax return. You won't be able to engage in conversation with your childhood friends or relatives the way you can with other business owners.

Getting Over Fear

People are afraid to talk in front of large groups. You'll see huge, slender men with beards looking all masculine, nervous about speaking in front of a few individuals, while others are built to speak in front of large audiences. It's amazing to watch people overcome their fears of speaking in public. Overcoming fear is a great skill to have especially when you're trying to sell your services.

In addition to your weekly 45-60 second sales pitch every couple of months, you'll be given approximately 8-10 minutes to present your services in front of the crowd.


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