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1761 Renovations: Atlanta's #1 Roofing Experts

Nov 14

1761 Remodeling could help you repair or get your roof replaced. It's a trusted and well-established roofing company located in Atlanta. This is one of the main reasons why customers select 1761 for their home's renovations.

Atlanta roofing

A lot of homeowners utilize Atlanta roofing services, particularly during the summer heat. Atlanta is home to a variety of reputable roofing firms. Homeowners have a variety of choices of styles and materials.

Asphalt roofing shingles are the most popular option for Atlanta roofing. They're durable and cost-effective and last at least 20 years before having replacement. They are also low-profile, which makes them perfect for houses with low hills or flats.

Metal roofing is another option to use for Atlanta roofing. Metal roofing is a long-lasting roofing material that is able to withstand severe temperatures and weather changes. It's also a very reasonable price. While it's not as durable as asphalt shingle roofs , and will last between 10 and 15 years, it isn't required to be replaced.

If homeowners are looking to add an additional layer of security to their house, they should think about installing a tile or slate roof. They are fireproof and waterproof. They are perfect for areas that receive a lot of sun exposure or precipitation. Tiles and slates can last up to 25 years without needing to replace them. This is more than other types of roofs.

1761 Mission of Renovations

Atlanta is famous for its lively neighborhood and breathtaking skyline. But Atlanta's infrastructure is in desperate need of a revamp for some time. There have been significant improvements in the downtown area of Atlanta. This includes the construction of new high-rise buildings. There are numerous other areas that require attention in the city, such as the facades and roofs.

TC Roofing & Repair LLC is among Atlanta's most well-known roofing companies. They are specialized in remodeling and have been doing it since 1998. The team at TC Roofing and Repair LLC has many years of experience in installing and fixing roofing. They also offer an array of different technologies and materials.

Renovations can be a bit complicated. TC Roofing & Repair LLC. The TC Roofing and Repair LLC is experienced in managing every aspect. Our team will make sure that your project is completed smoothly from initial consultations to the final installation.

What is it that makes 1761's renovations unique?

1761 Renovations stands out among other Atlanta roofing companies due to a variety of reasons. With more than 100 years of experience Our team is able to collaborate with insurance companies to modify your roof to get the most effective results.

When we renovate roofs, we employ the latest technology and equipment to ensure your home is secured during the entire process. Our staff is ready to answer any questions you may have about your roof or renovation.

Different types of Roofing Services and Options

There are three main kinds of Atlanta roofing options including slate, tile and flat-top. Each kind of roofing service offers advantages and drawbacks.

Flat-top roofs are extremely well-liked in Atlanta. They are affordable and have numerous advantages over other roof kinds. Flat-top roofs are easy to keep and maintain. They usually last for 20 years and do not require major repairs or replacements. Flat-tops also provide excellent insulation, which makes flat-tops more comfortable during winter months than other roofs.

While slate roofs are more expensive than flat roofs but they're more flexible and long-lasting than flat ones. Roofs made of slate are able to be painted or stained to match the exterior color of your home. They also come with weatherproof coatings that guard against snow, rain and wind-related destruction. Slate roofs are also efficient in insulating which could lower the cost of energy during summer. Slate roofs can be less easy to keep clean than flat-tops, particularly if they're installed on older houses. This makes them unsuitable for homes which require minimal maintenance all year round.

While tile roofs are more costly than other options for roofing in Atlanta but they provide the most advantages.

The reason 1761 renovations are needed

You may be wondering why 1761 Renovations is the best roofing service to choose for your next home renovation project. Three reasons to hire 1761 Renovations:

1. Atlanta's top roofing experts

Our professionals have years of experience in the industry and are able to repair or replace roofing. We'll work together with you to determine the best roof for your house. We'll do everything we can to ensure that your roofing project is successful.

2. Our services encompass a broad variety of services and products

We offer a range of services, such as roofing repair, replacement or installation. We are able to assist with any kind of repair, whether general or specific.

3. Our goal is to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

Satisfaction with the customer is the most important factor to a successful renovation of your home. We go above and over to make sure that our customers are happy with their work. For more information about our roofing services, contact us now!

What should you look for in the best Roofing Company, and Design Your Roof


The first step of any roofing project is to choose the best company. Here are some suggestions to help you select the best roofing firm.

1. Ask around and seek out suggestions from friends and family who have had good experiences with the particular roofing firm.

2. Review - Once you have narrowed down your choices, take a look at the reviews of customers online to find out the performance of each company.

3. Request an estimate Once you've found a few reliable companies, ask them to give you an estimate of your project.

4. An agreement in writing is crucial both parties must have a contract in writing prior to the beginning of any undertaking.

5. It is important to be willing to make compromises No matter which firm you select. You must be willing to compromise on certain elements (e.g. cost). This will ensure that everyone is happy with the end result!

Name      1761 Renovations

Address  618 Thornton Rd. Suite #3-121 Lithia Springs, GA 30122