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6 Methods To Fix A Dent In Your Auto's Body Works (Door Panel) Without Repair Cost

Jul 23

If you're like the majority of people, then you're apprehensive to discover dents on your car. This article will show you how to remove the dents on your car's door with easy methods. This will not only aid in keeping your vehicle looking new but also save you time and cash. Let's get started!

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How do you remove dents from your vehicle?

High-quality metal sheets can be stretched and bent to create automotive door panels to form the desired shape. Due to their brittleness, the sheets of steel are easily dented. They can, however, be repaired at home.


Method 1: Use a Plunger to remove the dings:


  1. To make the surface slippery and moist, you need to place the plunger in the middle of the hole. This creates a perfect surface to suction.
  2. Once the dent is gone, the plunger is pulled back to let it go. Make sure to pull the plunger even more forcefully if it fails to be effective. You can eliminate the suction by sliding down the plunger. To remove the soap, just wash your hands.
  3. The door is now removed carefully with the aid of a screwdriver; no wiring should be disrupted.
  4. It is common to peel off the plastic sheet. You may reuse the sheet if the adhesive cannot stick to anything.
  5. The dent can now be moved down with the palm or a rubber hammer, giving a little pressure. This helps to protect the door's metal sheet from getting damaged.
  6. Now it is safe to place the plastic sheet exactly where it was. The door may be reinstalled using a screwdriver, and the screws are inserted.


Small dents on the door panel of an automobile could be repaired using this procedure.


Method 2: Utilizing Dry Ice to remove dents


Dry ice can eliminate any dings left on the door of a vehicle. It is necessary to apply pressure on dry ice until there is the sound of popping. This technique can be used to remove small dents. If you don't wear gloves, dry ice may be hazardous.


Method 3: Using Boiling Water to Remove Dents


This is the best method to go; all you need is a hot water kettle. We'll have to take advantage of the hot water to wash away dings. Since hot water from piping is gradually added to the dent, it slowly increases.


Method 4: Remove Dents with Compressed Air and a hair dryer


The cold compressed air and the hot hair dryer air are alternately transported to the area of the dent, eliminating the dent. There must be more heat from the hairdryer, which is why it should be set at its maximum setting to warm the area thoroughly.


Method 5: Removal of dent using a vacuum cleaner


  1. By drilling a tiny hole starting at the bottom of the bucket.
  2. The bottom of the bucket must be in our direction as the bucket is placed in the dent.
  3. Now, place your vacuum cleaner within the tiny opening we had created earlier.
  4. It is crucial to turn on the vacuum. The ding will go away.


Method 6: With screws, wooden dowels, and hot glue, you can eliminate dents.


This is a good option for repairing a major dent.


  1. We'll need a dowel rod to start things off.
  2. Cut the rod into four or five-inch sections. After that, you'll have to cut the rod into sections of four to five inches.
  3. To fix these dowels made of wood for securing, we use screws as anchors.
  4. The syringe's shape is created by inserting two screws in the dowels made of wood.
  5. After the car's scratched area is cleaned, you can clean it with soap and water.
  6. Use a glue gun, apply hot glue to the dowel's flat surface in and around the damaged area, and then place the dowels.
  7. We may remove the dowels with the screws we have placed on them to lift them out after the glue has been set.
  8. If you are pleased with the outcome, removing the adhesive from your vehicle is a fast and easy process.

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