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Tips to Prepare Your Kitchen for New Granite Countertops

Jul 21

If you're in the marketplace for a new stone countertop, you'll want to ensure your house is ready for the installation. A specialist stone countertop installer in Denver can help, but there are some points you can do to prepare yourself and also your residence. In this blog post, we'll give some professional tips on exactly how to get ready for a stone countertop installation.

When it pertains to the real installation of your stone countertop, you might enjoy Masterminding the job. Your favored facet of the refurbishing process is most likely checking out design ideas and also shade palettes. Design is among those things that comes prior to you (or your service providers) in regards to time commitment. In addition to layout, there are a couple of essential details you need to attend to in order to make sure your stone countertop installation goes smoothly.

Empty your cupboards

Your stone will probably be set on top of cabinets. As well as once the task is done, you'll be able to function effortlessly between your smooth work surface area as well as your handy storage room underneath. Nevertheless, while the job is being finished, it's an excellent idea to empty the cabinets.

If you do it in this manner, your installers won't need to stress over any kind of dust or dust they may be spreading out while they deal with setting up and completing the stone in one attractive piece. Furthermore, you will not need to fret about it later when you discover that your meals are gross or your towels and also bed linens are messy.

When your closets are vacant throughout the installation, returning to typical after the task will certainly involve some cleansing. Nonetheless, it will not demand cleaning every one of your plates before utilizing them again. With dishes crammed in without problem for dust, dust, or grime from your blending bowl participating in your following dish, you can re-package them without stressing over food safety.

Pack up your belongings

You may not think about it, however numerous residences have belongings stored in their kitchen cabinets. If you have any things of nostalgic value or monetary well worth, it's a great suggestion to load them up and save them somewhere risk-free while the installation is taking place. In this way, you will not need to bother with them obtaining lost or harmed throughout the procedure.

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In addition to valuables, you'll also wish to clean out any kind of things that may be in the means or obstruct of the installers. This consists of things like cylinders, spices, and small appliances. When possible, it's ideal to move them to one more room in your home. If that's not possible, make certain they're out of the method and won't be an annoyance during the installation.

Remove cabinets if possible

Consider it this way: any type of drawer you can get now is one you don't have to tidy later. Moreover, if you can get rid of entire cabinets, you won't have to worry about unloading and repacking their contents. Just unload the whole drawer-- including its materials-- and save it in a safe and secure area during your stone countertop installation.

Naturally, not all drawers can be gotten rid of. If you have any that are built-in or otherwise not able to be eliminated, don't fret. Simply ensure they're cleared and also tidy before the installation begins. This way, you won't have to go through the hassle of cleaning them later.

Guarantee your granite countertops are level

Slabs of marble are stunning. Of course, they are strong, however that does not suggest they are undestroyable. Your slab needs a level base to maintain it secure and also protected.

If your stone isn't level, it could be sustained in some locations as well as not in others. Stress factors can develop as a result of this, creating cracks to appear. In order to avoid this, see to it your countertops are level before the installation begins.

If you're uncertain concerning exactly how level your countertops are, it's best to seek advice from a professional. They'll be able to tell you whether or not your countertops need to be leveled and, if so, just how finest to do it.

Remove the old stone countertops

Naturally, you'll have to remove the old ones before putting the new ones in. You might choose to mount them on your own rather than paying an additional cost (or employing a professional to do it).

If you do it on your own, make certain you take the appropriate safety preventative measures. Countertops can be hefty, so it's vital to have somebody aid you lift as well as move them. In addition, use handwear covers and eye protection to stay clear of cuts and scrapes.

As soon as the old countertops run out the means, offer the area a good cleansing. This will certainly aid prepare the surface for the new granite countertops and make sure a smooth installation.

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Clear a pathway

Likewise, ensure your natural stone professionals have very easy (and risk-free) accessibility to the location where they'll be functioning. Tripping threats should be gotten rid of. If needed, move furnishings to enable them free activity throughout the area.

Area safety covers on furniture if wanted

And also do not fail to remember the furnishings, either. You may select to cover close-by sofas and tables with drop cloths to keep them from obtaining dirty.

Don't forget the sink

You may be so focused on the countertops that you forget about the sink. Nonetheless, it's vital to make sure your sink is properly planned for installation also. Besides, the last point you want is for your new kitchen countertops to be mounted just to find out later that the sink does not fit.

To avoid any issues, ensure the sink is appropriately set up and safeguarded before the countertops go in. This will make certain a smooth and seamless installation procedure.

Consider your pets

Finally, consider your pets. If you have pets or felines, they may be much better off remaining with a buddy or family member throughout the installation. By doing this, they will not be underfoot and also in the way, and you can focus on doing the job without worrying about them.

Make a plan for your needs

You might discover that it's easier to steer clear of from house while the installation occurs. If you're sensitive to noise or smells, this might be an exceptional choice for you. Make your plans according to what sound level or smell level you can anticipate from the job and go from there.

In addition, remember that your access to the area being redesigned will certainly be limited. So, if it's your kitchen remodel, come up with an additional plan for food preparation and also consuming. If it's a washroom, ensure you have an additional washroom available or plan to use it.

Employ an expert stone countertops installer in Denver, Co

 Among one of the most crucial things you can do to prepare for your new stone countertops is to work with a specialist installer. While it might be tempting to attempt to do it yourself or have a friend do it, this is not a good idea.

Granite countertops are heavy and call for specialized tools and also skills to set up properly. Additionally, the installation procedure can be untidy as well as disruptive. So, unless you're a skilled contractor, it's finest to leave it to the specialists.

By complying with these tips, you can ensure that your quartz countertops installation goes efficiently as well as with no concerns. With a little prep work, you can sit back and unwind while the experts care for whatever. As well as in a snap in all, you'll have beautiful new countertops that will last for years to find.

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