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Jul 12




Website Builder 


Want to create a responsive website and don't know where to start? We've got you covered. In this step-by-step video guide, we'll take you from selecting a template all the way through customizing it and making it live.



Getting started creating your site couldn’t be easier. After logging into your account and clicking the Create Responsive Website button, you will see our assortment of templates you can choose from to start your site. This video takes you through this process to show you how you can build your site.

Basic Editor Tour


Getting comfortable with the tools to edit your site is very important. Here we show you around so you know more about how to navigate through your editor so you can build and customize your responsive site. Learn about great features for customizing your site and widgets you can add to give your site more functionality.

Edit Page Elements



With Responsive sites, the layout consists of rows that stack on top of each other and columns that are within the rows. This system builds the overall structure of the pages in your site. Within the structure, you further customize your pages by adding widgets to the layout and editing each widget within the page. Learn more about customizing your pages in the tutorial of the inline editor.

Edit Global Design



When designing your site, you may want to make changes that will appear throughout your site in one convenient place. Find out more about the global changes you can make that will cut down on the time it takes to design your site. Here, you can find out where you can change your color scheme, font, and buttons.

Customize the Header



The header is an important part of your site that helps to distinguish your site’s identity and what it has to offer. This is where your logo or name will be most prominently placed in your site. This is also where you will find the navigation of your site. Learn about getting started styling your header with your logo, title, layout, and more to make your site header stand out from other sites.

Customize the Navigation



Navigating your site is important for the usability of your site. Setting up easy-to-use navigation keeps your users interested in the pages of your site. Customizing your site is also important since it appeals to the look of your site. Learn how you set up your navigation and layout for your site here.

Manage Pages



Organizing the pages on your site is important because you want the most relevant information to be the most accessible, but you may have lots of subcategories on your site and will need a way to arrange the order and the suborder of your site. Learn more about this topic and how you can hide, add, and delete pages, plus add SEO details to make them easy for users to find.

Manage Imported Content



While customizing and designing your site makes your site unique, your content really drives that message home. Importing the text, images, and files from your original site is easy. Learn more about what we can pull in and where you can find it in your editor.

Make Site Backups



The Backup Site feature is an important part of the Editor that can save you time and effort if any work done on your site goes in a bad direction. What is also great about this feature and the Editor is that your site gets backed up when you publish it. You can have up to 10 backups, which are points in time during the creation of your site.

Site Settings



The Site Settings allow you to make changes to your live sites, such as site URL and domain information, icons and favicons, site SEO settings, HTML in the header, default site language, cookie notification settings and more. These settings are vital when publishing your site so you can add a custom domain, enable SSL and track your site analytics using a Google Analytics code.

Publish Your Site & Connect to a Domain




After creating and designing your site you can take it live by publishing it. With this step, you are ready to make it visible to others on the web. You will also have the option to purchase a premium plan so you can apply a custom domain to your new and published site.

After Publishing your site you may want to apply a Custom Domain to the site. In order to do this, you must own a domain and set up the CNAME at the domain host account to make this work. Once this step is completed, you can use the custom domain with your site.

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