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How to find a reputable duct cleaning service

Jul 12

Do you need professional duct cleaning for your HVAC system? It's crucial to hire a reliable company that will do the job right. Your HVAC system's efficiency will depend on how clean and efficient your air ducts are. You can also make or break your HVAC system's performance by who you hire for maintenance.

What should you look out for in a reliable duct cleaning company? Here are the details from Duct Cleaning Phoenix.

Track Record of Satisfied Clients

You can read past customer reviews to see how satisfied a company is with its duct cleaning services. A website and reviews online are essential for any reputable duct cleaning company.

When looking for reviews, make sure to check out how long the company has existed. An excellent track record speaks volumes about the company's procedures and professional conduct in customers' homes.

Thorough employee screening

It's important to find out about the company's policies regarding hiring and firing employees. Do your research and make sure to ask about background checks and drug testing. Do you want someone shady in your home?

Comprehensive HVAC Maintenance Services

Most duct cleaning companies will only clean a small portion of your air duct system. Don't accept that. For best results, the National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends that professional duct cleaners put all duct systems under negative pressure.

The company should use truck-mounted, high-suction vacuum equipment along with a variety of specialized cleaning tools to achieve system-wide negative pressurization. These parts should be attached to the main trunk lines in your HVAC system to effectively funnel particulate matter and debris out.

A reputable company will offer furnace cleaning and air conditioner cleaning in addition to duct cleaning. This will ensure that your HVAC system is clean. Your ducts will accumulate more debris if the furnace or air conditioner are not included in the cleaning process. This can reduce system efficiency and, ultimately, affect indoor air quality.

Are You Looking for a Reputable Duct Cleaning Company Duct Cleaning Phoenix is at your service?

Contact Duct Cleaning Phoenix today if your furnace, ducts, or air conditioner are due for a thorough clean. We have proudly served Phoenix homeowners for over a decade. We are available to answer any questions or provide a free estimate.


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