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Your Best Choice For Kitchen Remodels

Mar 15

Your Best Choice For Kitchen Remodels

Everyone loves a bargain. However, when it's time to choose cabinets for your kitchen, the old saying "You get what you pay" is true.

Today, China-made kitchen cabinets have become very popular, due to their low costs and ease of ordering online. However, while they may cost less than American-built cabinets they are of much better quality. This lower quality can have huge consequences for your kitchen over the long- and short term.

The difference between cabinets made by China and American cabinets is that American cabinets can be made of MDF or particleboard while Chinese cabinets can be made of plywood. Although it might not be obvious, this detail can significantly impact the long-term quality of your cabinetry.


Chinese companies don't use plywood simply because it's a better material for cabinets. Because their products must withstand damp or wet environments and long overseas travel, they use plywood. For homeowners, plywood is usually made from thin layers and glued together with formaldehyde. This can weaken the glue. It is thin, breakable, and can warp.


MDF, or medium-density fibreboard, is a combination of wood fibers resin and wax. It's used in American cabinet constructions. It is denser and cheaper than plywood. MDF has superior strength, durability, won't warp, and a smooth surface without wood grain. This gives it a polished and clean look.


Avoid environmental issues:


Here are some ways to ensure you make the right kitchen cabinet selection.


Pay close attention to the materials:

China also doesn't have many of American's environmental regulations. Therefore, it is worth being suspicious about the contents of cabinets made with chemicals or glues. Potently toxic materials are not allowed in your kitchen.


The TSCA, Toxic Substances Controller Act, and the PPA (Pollution Prevention Act), are two of the U.S. regulations that safeguard and monitor chemicals that may pose a substantial risk to humans or the environment. These regulations will ensure that any product you place in your home does not contain toxic substances. China, however, has only started to propose regulations. There's no way to know when they'll become finalized or how strict. It is impossible to guarantee the safety of chemicals used in Chinese kitchen cabinet manufacturing until such regulations are in place.


Chinese cabinets can only be stained because they are made of plywood. Without any regulations on chemical safety, it raises questions over which products are used.


American-made kitchen cabinetry is recommended because of its safety. American cabinet manufacturers, including Medallion Design Craft Crystal Cabinet Works and White-Mode, aim to promote environmental stewardship through local sourcing and high-quality craftsmanship. These companies can ensure you that the product you purchase is safe and top-quality.


Consider the details:

American cabinets are built with glue and pocket screws. Chinese cabinets use staples. Chinese cabinets don't have the same durability or strength as American-made units.


For kitchen cabinets to fit perfectly, it is essential to have them cut or fixed on-site. Chinese cabinets can sometimes be made in large quantities and are not as well-assembled. The installation of plywood can be difficult and messy. The cabinets are therefore more susceptible to damage. American-built cabinets don't have this issue as they are typically made-to-measure by smaller companies and have more control over quality. American-built cabinets are able to be slightly modified to fit. This is because the MDF they are made of makes it easy and less messy.


The average kitchen gets remodeled once every 30years. But most low-cost cabinets come with a five-year warranty, sometimes none at all.


American-made cabinet manufacturers usually stand behind their products with a lifetime warranty. You will have to replace your cabinets within a few years with inferior Chinese cabinets.


Although American cabinets may appear similar, once you understand the construction of American cabinets, you will be able to tell that American cabinetry can be of much greater quality than its Chinese counterparts.


Do your research before you decide to buy cabinets from a manufacturer. Look at their website for information about their finishes and warranties. It is best to visit their showroom and see the samples in person. to learn more about The Kitchen Company and their quality experience.


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