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Here's How To Measure The Effectiveness of Your SEO Efforts

Mar 10

Digital marketing is going to be very important for business in 2022, so there will be a lot of work for them.

The pandemic has changed how people interact with businesses, and many small businesses have had a hard time coming up with a good digital marketing strategy.

As a digital marketing strategy, views, likes, and shares are all that the uninitiated think of when they think of it. That's not true for people who are well-trained. You can see, like and share only a small part of the surface. There are a lot of other metrics that mean a lot of different things, but when you understand and act on them, they can make your business and brand better and more popular. Here, we show you a few simple ones that every business owner should know about.

Overall Traffic to a Website

Your website is the heart and soul of your business and brand. It is where everything happens for your business and how you make money. There, customers can find out about and try out your services and products in a carefully chosen ecosystem. You can control the whole story and experience people have there. The goal is to get people to your website through all kinds of digital campaigns, like making social media campaigns, optimizing ads, or writing blog posts about your business.

Fixing broken links or focusing on different SEO keywords will help your site get a better ranking with the Google Algorithms. Checking in on the running of campaigns to see if they help or hurt overall traffic, so you can make better decisions.

Pages That Get The Most Attention

As a general rule, all businesses have a home page that leads to other pages about their products or services. Each one has its own group of customers and fans. Many different things can be found out about the Most Visited Pages metric. It tells you how long people have been on your page and where they are going to go next.

This lets you figure out which websites need to be optimized for the products you want your customers to buy more of, or how you can make a better experience for your customers.

The Bounce Rate

You can use the Bounce Rate metric to see how many people leave your site after seeing just one page. Even though there may be a long list of reasons and not a single "mistake" that caused the bounce, going through the list will help you find your mistakes and make your site better.

There are a lot of reasons why this might happen:

  • Not being able to find an answer to the question they are trying to find
  • Gathered relevant information, but were not motivated to go any further.
  • People don't like how slow the site is to load.
  • The page did not work

Knowing what's wrong with your business is the best way to fix it. For example, you could link to high-quality content on your business blog, link to another web page where people can quickly browse relevant products or services, or make the content more efficient to speed up page load times and improve user experience.


A business is often a complicated ecosystem with many different skills and moving parts. It can no longer just rely on one or two key strengths to keep the whole company moving in the right direction. As a business grows, this can no longer be the case. Also, digital marketing has become more and more predictable, with businesses hiring freelancers or outsourcing their work to make sure every part of their business is digitally strong - the more localized you are certainy helps, whether you're an SEO consultant in Hong Kong, Singapore, or Malaysia. This is also true for all small businesses.

In fact, this is often a long-term game that most people don't see, with good digital marketing campaigns building solid foundations that grow stronger and stronger over time.

A digital marketing company does more than just get more people to your site and make your pages easier to read. They may also help you with things like Search Engine Marketing (SEM, also known as Google Ads), social media marketing, and even web page design. If you don't know if your business needs any or all of these things, get in touch with us and we might be the perfect fit for you!