101 Greatest E mail Topic Traces of 2019

Welcome to DigitalMarketer's 8th Annual Edition of the 101 Best Email Subject Lines!

In this post I have 101 PROVEN,
Wipeable subject lines for emails available to you. And if you are
from our email subscribers at
at least a 20% chance that you played a role in determining what that made
List. If this applies to you, please prepare yourself for a little déjà vu. ????

Even though you're reading one of the most apt blog posts of all time, You will find more than just subject lines here. I'm going to break down the 8 components of any good subject line AND you get an analysis of our 10 top performing subject lines of 2020.
When you are done with this post, here are ways you can:

1. Start by deconstructing and reproducing the elements of YOURS
top performing subject lines …

…or…2. If you haven't already, steal ours completely.

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If you're new to the mail (or email marketing in general), take a minute to familiarize yourself with the basics of email subject lines.

are 8 different components I always found our top performance
Subject lines by email …

1. Selfishness

These are your bread and butter theme
Lines – you should use them the most often.

They are usually direct and speak to a
Specific benefit for your audience by opening the email.

Self-interest subject lines also help
Pre-open openers by giving them a hint about the content of your email.

2. Curiosity

When self-interest subject lines work
Because they convey a direct benefit, curious people succeed
exactly the opposite reason.

They arouse the interest of the subscribers
without revealing too much information, which leads to higher openings.

But be careful because
Curiosity-based subject lines can get old quickly and are most likely to be overlooked
their brand.

3. Offer

Do you like free stuff? Do you like
Buying things when they're for sale?

Your email list too.

When you give something away or
Sell ​​something your subscribers would be interested in and mention it directly
That in your subject line is a great way to convince them to open the email and
Learn more.

4. Urgency / Scarcity

This is the most powerful type of
Subject line available to you.

Subject lines that convey urgency
and scarcity tells readers to act now.

But too many of them can lead to the list
Exhaustion, so use sparingly and of course only if there really is one
Deadline, limited quantity, or limited availability.

5. Humanity

Don't forget to remind your list of this
the person or people behind your products.

Sometimes you need to thank you
Subscribers, tell them a story about themselves or make a human appeal for them

6. News

Keep your audience updated on what's new
Developments in your area build authority and keep your open rates high.

These subject lines often work well, though
combined with a curious element.

7. Social proof

A fundamental characteristic of man
is that we pay attention to the behavior of others when making decisions.

You can use this in your email
Subject lines by mentioning the success stories of individual people, household names or
Highlight how many people are already using a product or service.

8th story

Telling a story, or at least teasing it
The beginning of one in your subject line is a unique way to highlight the benefits and benefits
Get the opening rate you want.

Our best subject lines of the year … here they are.

The 10 Best Email Subject Lines of 2019

10. How to keep up with digital marketing … ????????
CONTENT: General terms and conditions early bird discount
OPEN RATE: 15.80%
ANALYSIS: We have seen that using "How to" in subject lines creates authority and attracts readers. Your subscribers want to learn something they fear they don't already know but believe they might find helpful. In this case, digital marketing seems to be changing every day. Keeping up with changes in the industry can be quite daunting. Content that shows you how to keep up is incredibly valuable and attention grabbing.

9. Why my first business failed
CONTENT: Tony Robbins Event Follow-Up
OPEN RATE: 15.92%
ANALYSIS: While maintaining curiosity, I became declarative with this one. Given that the bulk of our email list identifies themselves as "marketers" in one form or another, and content is required by virtually all marketers these days … I knew I was taking one of the key levers in the industry and using the well – Well-known Bill Gates phrase "Content is King" as a departure declaration that would separate us as an authority in this area. I would provide valuable information to our subscribers and get a couple of openings.

8th. Something big is coming
CONTENT: April Accelerator Flash Sale
OPEN RATE: 16.08%
ANALYSIS: We all love a good teaser. The tease is displayed in full in this subject line. You want to grab the reader's attention and get them to follow your message at the same time. Just make sure the copy of text in your message pays off too – you don't want to be the boy or girl who cried the wolf, or you will lose the trust of your readers (and the future will open).

7th Holy crap … 21,601?!?!
CONTENT: Lab Open Access
OPEN RATE: 17.35%
ANALYSIS: There are quite a few victories in this subject line. Namely, profanity is like salt: using the right amount can be a great thing, but too much will ruin the experience. And while we don't necessarily advocate "profanity" all the time, we'll use a shot of it when we need to get our point across.

You also get points with your reader by using a number in your subject lines. This has been proven to increase the opening rates – bonus points if it is a very specific number. Finally, as with # 8, the curiosity factor is strong in this case.

6th 3 rules for marketing in a crisis
CONTENT: Newsletter for March 21, 2020
OPEN RATE: 19.9%
ANALYSIS: Let's be honest. This year sucked. Millions of companies tried to tackle the global pandemic crisis and the marketing industry was no exception. It makes sense that guiding principles have been popular fodder for subject lines. Our great advantage is that you “read the room”. Note that this subject line was used in March when the pandemic re-emerged on people's minds and was more likely to be clicked. There were ebbs and flows as the audience felt like discussing crises this year, and this was the right time to talk about them. It may not have worked so well in the summer.

5. ???? 80% discount in 3… 2… 1…
CONTENT: Content Marketing Mastery Sale
OPEN RATE: 22.54%
ANALYSIS: Scarcity is one of Cialdini's beliefs, and in my opinion, it's the best. There is no better way to get someone to act than to tell them that if they don't do it, they will be missing out on something great. (NOTE: This email is a "closer" email, the last in a week-long promotion, meant to catch people who missed previous emails. Closers don't usually get many clicks, in this case however, using a simple square emoji ???? gave it a boost because it looks like the contents weren't loading. In fact, it attracts more attention in the inbox than using an actual emoji – just make sure you DO NOT rely on this tactic too much. Like a weeping wolf, it loses its effectiveness.)

4th BYE?
CONTENT: Close GTC 2020
OPEN RATE: 25.12%
ANALYSIS: The ultimate goal of a subject line is to get the recipient to open the email, and sometimes less is more. A simple three-letter question can make this subject line stand out from other general, longer subject lines in the inbox.

3. Content Marketing Certification for $ 195?
CONTENT: Content Marketing Mastery Sale
OPEN RATE: 25.27%
ANALYSIS: This question mark is no accident. The Content Marketing Mastery Certification Course is one of our most popular and always a huge draw for our subscribers when we put it up for sale. With 61% off the normal price of $ 495, many people were interested in this promotion. For a warm audience, a discount this size begs the question, “Why now?” They know they want it. You're looking for a reason to get it. That's why they clicked. Click cold target groups to perform the comparison. Hence, the question in the subject line meets both needs. ????

2. CLOSE in 3… 2… 1…?
CONTENT: 1 minute Facebook Video Ad Playbook
OPEN RATE: 28.08%
ANALYSIS: Again, scarcity is a powerful motivator. The 1 Minute Facebook Video Ad Playbook is one of our most popular playbooks, but when we say we make a sale, we mean it.

1. ⚠️ FINAL chance for free access!
CONTENT: Lab Open Access
OPEN RATE: 34.53%
ANALYSIS: Combine scarcity, the use of a powerful emoji, and the promise of free access to one of our core products, and you have a recipe for the highest open rate we've seen in all of 2020.

Now that you know what made the top 10 the most open, here are the other 91 top-of-the-line subject lines for emails, rounding us up to a straight 101.

91 More email subject lines to swipe

• ISSUE No. 26: A match from …?
• A note to our community
• Really really!!
• 10 Things Every Marketer Should Know
• 60 seconds to sell?
• How DM nearly tripled its open rates
• (T & C2020 KEYNOTE) Marcus Lemonis!
• Improve your Marketing IRL
• Sales are running through your fingers
• Will you skip the GTC 2020?
• ???? The smartest investment ever?
• Stop it.
• The lab is now free until the end of March
• There are 7 conferences in 1
• The terminator comes to AGB 2020
• 1.4 billion views?
• (GRAPHIC) Lessons from the quarantine
• Problem no. 40: Choose 3 …
• (VIDEO) My complete keynote on the Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019
• New workshop turns your email list into a ????
• Closing soon?
• (LAST CHANCE) 68% discount on sale ends today
• 5 Day Marketing Challenge (starts today)
• ???? 95% of product launches fail, says Harvard (here's why)
• We have found “hidden pots of money” in your company ???? ????
• The craziest marketing statistic I've ever heard
• YOU are a certified marketing specialist? (FREE??)
• READING: Our 11 recommendations for text writing
• People really hate this
• why your email open rates are falling …
• Email newsletter workshop closed tonight?
• REMINDER: $ 1000 off AGB tickets at midnight
• (E-MAIL MARKETER) Create a sequence to prepare and convert subscribers
• (Low Ticket Alert) GTC 2020 “Early Bird” tickets almost GONE
• 2-3x email open rates?
• You pay $ 700 more on Friday
• Will you also double your business at T&C?
• Last chance to try Lab for FREE!
• No marketer should miss this …
• (LIMITED TIME) The $ 7 Plan for Facebook Ads Converting
• Are you losing ground to your competitors?
• Open rates in the toilet? (We have been there)
• (VIDEO) Would you like to help sell your “boring” product?
•% FIRSTNAME% – Your 8-step email conversion templates are waiting …
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• Insider # 51: Our brightest edition yet
•% FIRSTNAME% – Don't miss it!
• (READ) How to get back to business as usual …
• ????
• Got $ 39?
• whoops!
• Get the lab for FREE (no trial, no credit card, no upsell)
• Let's work on your marketing together!
• (CLOSE) No time to write sales emails?
• The napkin that cleared a $ 248,000 mess
• ???? 73% DISCOUNT in 3… 2… 1…
• The 10-hour warning from% FIRSTNAME% (less than)
• The lowest price ever for Copywriting Mastery
• E-mail newsletter workshop closed soon?
• $ 55 today, $ 997 tomorrow
• (CLOSE SOON) $ 7 for my playbook "Sales Boosting Bullets"
• Our biggest hits in copywriting
• Stop watching our trainings!
• How to slip past your potential customer's "Promo-Dar" ????
• ICYMI – your refund
• Free training: 2x your sales in 6 months?
• READ: 100 Books Every Marketer Should Read
• Do you feel ???????? or ?????????
• You're about to miss it …
• Vacation, everything we ever wanted
• I close the doors …
• ???? STOP blogging. Start splintering.
• ???? Stop watching our trainings!
• (SWIPE) Our vacation marketing plan for 2020
• The restart of "Post-COVID"?
•% FIRSTNAME% – Last day to save ⏰
• (GRAPHIC) Are you ready for your sales to look like this?
• Free access will expire soon
• This REALLY makes me angry
• SWIPE: 15 tools and templates for selling video ads
• Bad news
• RSVP: Free training this time tomorrow?
• Do you HATE writing your own email?
• ????You have to see this,% FIRSTNAME%
• No "failed" video ad?
• I'm getting rid of my 11 championship courses TODAY
• ???? (Ctrl) + C & (Ctrl) + V.
• Too many good ideas? STOP. ????

Aaaand …


If you're tired of reading "NAME" and seeing "(parentheses with capitalized words)", there is a good reason:

Last year it was (REALLY POPULAR FOR US, NAME).

Of our 101 best email subject lines in 2019, 23 used the (CAPS BRACKET) field and 15 used the first name field.

Another cool find?

While our average subject line was 6 words, our TOP 3 of 2019 were all less than 5 words.

REMEMBER AGAIN: Brief is the soul of the joke and pattern interrupts the WORK.

My thoughts?

There will never be a "golden subject line formula".

And that's good news, because formulas lead to stagnation. And stagnation causes your subject lines (and therefore your email marketing strategy) to be white noise.

As far as I know, last year email subject lines (CAPS BRACKETS) and 5 word subject lines could be "All Emoji" or "5 dashes and an ampersand" (whatever that is).

That being said, I'm not going to compare it to "who knows" as there are CERTAIN guidelines and best practices that must be followed.

And if you can combine these best practices, a little creativity, the power of split testing, and the application of the scientific method …

… you have a pretty solid formula for consistently pumping out profitable subject lines.

Huh. Maybe some formulas will work.

Food for thought.

If the contents of this post can serve as a foundation for the best practices and creative part of my little game, then it has done its job.

Now get to work. ????

(NOTE: Want to see what subject lines were on the list last year? What about the year before? You can get the last 7 years of premium email subject lines – that's over 700 subject lines – in The ultimate swipe file for email subject lines. Sign up for a FREE DM Insider Account get here instant access!)

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