10 Social Media Accounts Every Marketer Must Follow

The digital space, especially social media, is changing trends so quickly that marketers sometimes get whiplash. What seems trending in the morning may not be the case at night.

A simple solution to this is to take inspiration from those who have been in the scene for a while and know how to stay up to date with these fleeting trends and not compromise on the quality of the content.

The importance of social media

Before we move on to the accounts you need to follow on social media, it's important to understand how social media can help you make a lasting impact on your audience.

While this is nothing new and we already know how social media has taken over the lives of endless people around the world for better or for worse, we can agree that it is indeed an extremely powerful tool.

But even before you can use it to actively engage your audience and grow your business, you need to master the content creation process because all your social media credibility depends on it.

As mentioned above, while social media is a great tool, it won't really work for you until you've figured out how to use it and then used it to your advantage. To make this process a little easier for you, read on to find out who to follow in business.

Top Ten Accounts Every Marketer Should Follow

There are many content creators out there, but to create the best work you must learn from the best. Below is a list of some of the leading experts in the field:

1. Marsha Collier
Niche: Social Media Commerce
Where to go: Twitter (@MarshaCollier)

Collier is the author of the bestselling series on Marketing for Dummies and an expert in e-commerce and customer service. Follow her to understand what it takes to sell things on social media and how you can use Facebook and Twitter to solve your customers' myriad problems. .

Because of her brilliant personality and the great work she has done in her field, she has been invited to shows like "The View" and "Today". She was also among the top twenty iCitizens in Kelly Mooney's book The Open Brand.

2. Mark Schaefer
Niche: Marketing Strategies
Where to go: Twitter (@markwschaefer)

One of the most respected voices in marketing, Schaefer is an author (latest publication – Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins) and keynote speaker and has inspired endless people.

In his book, he has explained how he turned to psychology and sociology to better understand relationships as well as sense of belonging in terms of his marketing analysis and even social media predictions. The book helps many marketers around the world to better understand the complexities of their work.

3. Julia McCoy
Niche: Content Marketing
Where to go: Instagram (@fementrepreneur)

If you're looking for content marketing tips, McCoy is the place for you. As well as being a content marketing influencer, she's also an author and educator who runs her content agency.

Her clients include names like Johnson & Johnson, and she has been inspiring marketers for a while to put their most creative foot forward. Her main goal is to help as many writers, agency creatives and small businesses as possible so that they can achieve their goals too.

4. Mari Smith
Niche: Facebook Marketing
Where follows: Facebook (@magismith)

Smith is your go-to for everything Facebook has to offer and what you need to do to reach its potential. She became such an expert that the company hired her herself to give seminars to train others in the Boost Your Business series they started.

From growth hacks to the latest developments to the best strategies for Facebook, she has mastered everything and can provide the best advice. She was also on Forbes' Top Social Media Power Influencer. She is also the author of "The New Relationship Marketing" and co-author of "Facebook Marketing: One Hour a Day".

5. Gary Vee
Niche: storytelling
Where to go: Instagram (@garyvee)

The power of storytelling is never lost and Gary Vee has mastered this delicate craft. He is a very famous content creator and a pioneer in personal branding. From Toyota to Unilever to Hulu and Chase, his customer is more than impressive.

He helps brands tell compelling stories on social media, and his talent is the reason behind the massive success of his agency – Vayner Media. Not to mention the fact that he's a five-time bestselling author for The New York Times, making him one of the best people to find marketers on social media.

6. Mike Allton
Niche: Social Media Growth Hacks
Where to go: Twitter (@mike_allton)

Allton, founder of the Social Media Hat website as well as the Blogging Brute blog, is a prolific writer and focuses on posting content on the latest social media trends and growth hacks. In his various social media profiles, he gives tips on blogging, content and social media marketing.

His newsletters are literally letters that he carefully curates to help subscribers learn about social media strategy tips by providing anecdotes of his life that translate into informational content.

7. Lauren Salaun
Niche: PR & Influencer Marketing
Where to go: Instagram (@LaurenSalaun)

When it comes to influencer marketing, Salaun is the one to follow. She is a PR and influencer marketing expert who has helped both marketers and entrepreneurs increase their social media presence using their niches.

Don't forget to follow her on Instagram for inspiration and motivation, as well as everything in between.

8. Matt Navarre
Niche: Social Media News
Where to go: Twitter (@MattNevarra)

The number one thing to follow to keep up with the latest social media news is Matt Navarra. The founder and administrator of the Facebook group The Social Media Geek Out with over 13,000 members has been active in this area for some time.

He's both a consultant and a commentator on the social media industry, offering a fresh perspective on the ever-changing social media trends every time he delivers something new. He's also even launched a podcast in 2019 speaking to influential social media personalities. These included the inventor or Hashtags, Global Business Marketing Director of Pinterest.

9. Madalyn Sklar
Niche: Twitter Marketing
Where to go: Twitter (@MadalynSklar)

As a Twitter specialist, Sklar is known not only for her impressive knowledge of the platform, but also for her tattoos. Even part of her Twitter bio reads: Tattooed Social Media Evangelist. She was a social media fan even before it was a thing, the 90s!

We say this because back then she was trying to start a niche social media network for women musicians called GoGirlsMusic. She is currently the leading social media marketer involved in various Twitter chats and speaking at events around the world.

10. Dain Walker
Niche: brand design
Where to go: Instagram (@dainwalker)

A brand's design plays an essential role in establishing its presence, and Walker is one of the best at learning the art form. He has revealed all the secrets that can help you design better. He's very consistent with his posts that cover everything – advertising, website, as well as graphic design.

By looking at his Instagram account, you can learn another important lesson – how to maintain a themed and cohesive Instagram feed.


When it comes to social media, the saying changes from "you are the company you keep" to "you are who you follow". Since you've already been spending so much time on social media, it might be worth it too. Start with the experts listed above and take a conscious step towards becoming a better marketer.

If you'd like to learn more about such topics, don't forget to check out Digital Ready's blog section. Also, check out the different courses we offer and take your first step to become a digital marketer.

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